About Us

Meet Our Team

In 2020 Scott founded Paradigm Capital to focus on bettering family’s futures.

This includes retirement planning, budgeting, estate, and legacy planning, and much more. We take a thorough approach when it comes to client’s personal plan, bringing Wallstreet concepts to mainstream America. Paradigm Capital has experience helping people with few assets, and clients with healthy portfolios.

Business Consultants

Scott Whatley

Founder & President

Bruce Beaty

Strategic Partner

Processing / Underwriting

Mia Dempsey

Director, New Business

Jenna Barker

Annuity & Life Case Manager

Ernesto Figueroa

Annuity & Life Case Manager

Product Experts

Josh VerHoeve

VP, Annuity & Life Distribution

Kurt Metcalfe

Sr. Annuity Sales Consultant, Team Lead

ReAnn Eidahl

Annuity & Life Sales Consultant