Paradigm [par-uh-dahym], noun
A framework containing the principles and methodologies of a system to achieve a desired result.

Many Americans miss out on the joys of having the right plan for them because they don’t understand how to optimize their money and avoid specific pitfalls.

That’s why you need a paradigm shift – a plan that helps address your needs and achieve your goals so you can live with confidence and peace of mind.

Your plan

As you approach retirement, the right plan for you should protect your assets by reducing risk, maximize your opportunities by increasing your income, and utilizing tax-smart tactics to easily navigate the complexities of taxes on your retirement accounts.

Reduce Risk

You need a plan to protect your assets.
As you get closer to retirement, it becomes more difficult to come back from any losses.​

Being proactive to protect your hard-earned dollars will be key to making them last.

Increase Income

Retirement isn’t about growth; it’s about income.

Making sure you maximize your retirement income will be key to meeting your needs and achieving your dreams.

Tax-Smart Tactics

Most people forget that money in Qualified Plans are taxed when you take the money out (when you’re needing it)!

Making smarter tax-master moves will help provide more certainty when it comes to taxes in retirement.

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At Paradigm Capital, we’re dedicated to helping you optimize your financial situation. Trust us to provide expert guidance and personalized solutions for your financial goals.


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Paradigm Capital offers tailored financial solutions for both individuals and families. Our expertise and personalized approach ensure that your unique financial goals and aspirations are met with precision and care.

Empowering Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: Paradigm Capital delivers tailored financial strategies to fuel your business’s growth, secure funding for expansion, and maximize profitability. Our expertise becomes your competitive advantage, ensuring you’re well-equipped to seize opportunities and conquer challenges on your entrepreneurial journey.

Elevate Your Corporate Financial Strategies: Paradigm Capital offers thorough financial solutions designed to bolster the success of corporations and institutions. From optimizing capital allocation to managing risk and enhancing returns, our team of experts stands ready to assist you in achieving your organization’s financial goals. Partner with us to strengthen your financial foundation and drive sustainable growth.

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Innovative Solutions, Tangible Outcomes: Our commitment to advancing the financial profession translates into tangible benefits for your financial future. Paradigm Capital leverages cutting-edge strategies and a wealth of expertise to drive your financial success forward. Experience the difference as we redefine excellence in finance for your benefit.

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Scott really took the time to listen to my life goals and built a plan to help me accomplish them.

Sergio R.

I was referred to Scott by a friend, and I am so thankful Iwas! Scott helped me understand the impact of taxes onmy retirement. I feel more prepared after meeting with Scott!

Barbara K.

Scott and his team helped me understand money andhow to build a better financial plan for me and my family.

Gregery M.

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